Why Apartments in Sacramento are Going Fast

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Why Apartments in Sacramento are Going Fast

What are you looking for in an apartment in Sacramento, California? Well, when people think about California, they think of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, a laid-back lifestyle, soaring mountains, tech and rolling waves on an endless ocean.

So what makes the Sacramento metropolitan area stand out? We’ll admit it, the capital of The Golden State isn’t as close to the ocean as many people would like, but what we lack for in waterfront we make up for in plenty of other areas. Here is a list of why apartment living in Sacramento is so great:

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  1. Fresh water. Like we said, there might not be an ocean at your doorstep, but with Folsom Lake and the American River in your backyard, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to swim, fish or boat.
  2. A manageable cost of living. While much of California has become notoriously expensive to live in, Sacramento remains affordable.apartments in sacramento go fast
  3. A gateway to the outdoors. If you ever need to escape the city for the weekend, you’re only an hour or two away from some truly breathtaking mountains and endless hiking trails. Other options include trips to Napa and Sonoma, Lake Tahoe, ski resorts, the ocean and much more, all nearby.
  4. It’s rich in culture. Whether it’s basketball, opera, live theater or an unforgettable Cinco de Mayo celebration, Sacramento has it all. And for history buffs, the legacy of the 1849 gold rush is alive and well — just don’t expect to find any!
  5. You’ll get healthier. Sacramento is in the heart of California, and because California grows virtually everything, you’ll be able to enjoy an abundance of fresh produce from one of the many farmers markets in town. And with year-round sunshine, you’ll be able to get out, exercise, walk and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Lewis Apartments has two apartment communities in the Sacramento area: Homecoming at Creekside and Evergreen Park. For those looking to live outside of Sacramento, we have three more communities in the neighboring cities of Vacaville, Antelope and Roseville.


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