The Style and Personality of Lewis Apartment Communities

The Style and Personality of Lewis Apartment Communities

When people are looking for an apartment to rent, they don’t always consider the reputation or the “personality” of the property management company they’re renting from.

At Lewis Apartment Communities, we strive to create an experience for renters that goes beyond simply paying rent for a place to live. We set out to build a reputation and a brand as a company that answers the needs of today’s busy lifestyle while also fostering community.

As builders, we’ve been building apartment communities, retail centers, office and industrial centers, and master planned communities for over 60 years.

Lewis Apartment Homes 60 Years Blog GraphicDuring this time we learned to listen to clients and give them more than what they may have expected. Here are some of the ways we have incorporated this mentality into our apartment communities:

Community. We have a team of full-time staff dedicated to promoting on-site and off-site events so residents can get to know one another and build a community.

Customer service. Each Lewis apartment community has a 24-hour emergency maintenance service with staff who are kind, courteous and able to help assist any issue, should it arise. We are proud to say we have won the customer satisfaction award for over 10 years by CEL & Associates, Inc.

Quality of life. Our residents are busy! By offering onsite community amenities such as pools, yoga and fitness studios, spas, dog and car washes and a whole lot more, we aim to make life a lot more convenient for residents.

In Southern California, we’ve established a solid reputation in the Inland Empire for our commercial, residential and planned communities. With a formula for success, we’ve expanded to five apartment communities in Northern California and four in Nevada.

This phenomenal growth is evidence that our vision to create an inclusive apartment living experience has been a success. If you would like to learn more about these or any future developments, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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As an apartment and residential developer, Lewis Apartments Communities feels that renters should enjoy the same conveniences and amenities that homeowners do. So we took the time to listen to renters to find out what they would like to see in their communities and built accordingly.

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