The Creative Side of Apartment Living

Apartment living has changed just as people living in apartments have changed. Artists, professionals, hobby interior designers and everyone in between have begun to bring their creative touch to apartment living, making their rented kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms their own.

While you can’t take down a wall or replace the entry door, with a few simple touches, you can put your own stylish touch on your apartment.

To get those creative juices flowing, here are five unique apartment decorating ideas.

Paint more than the walls. Even if you can paint the walls of your apartment, there are more (and easier) ways to bring color to your apartment. Paint your bed frame, your nightstand or your dining room table. Depending on your style, you can do this to match and complement existing colors, or to add wild colors and character. (Image source:
refinish-an- old-bed/)

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Add more mirrors. Mirrors create depth, adding a spacious feel to any room. If it’s more natural light you’re after, hang one on a wall opposite a window to make the room really shine. (Image source:

Bring the outside in. For those sun lovers who want that natural-light feeling even when the sun goes down, use light colors and soft, neutral hues when decorating. This will also help make your room feel bigger. (Image source:


Consider floating shelves. This is one of the coolest ways to organize your bedroom or living room. Floating shelves give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to how you want to arrange them and add a contemporary, airy feel. (Image sources:

Think beyond the intended use. These days, everyone is all about decorating with re-purposed or found objects. There’s no shortage of everyday things that can do double duty. For example: A garden stool can act as an end table, and a chest can be called upon to serve as a coffee table.

Lewis Apartment Communities offer apartments that boast a combination of contemporary style and convenience. We’re pretty sure you’ll like them just as they are, but if not, you now have a few decorating ideas!

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