5 Essential Apartment-Hunting Tips


As we settle into the new year, many will begin to think about their living situations and mull over the possibilities of finding a new apartment community to call home. Whatever your situation, if you’ve been itching for a little extra space, more amenities or just a new place to settle into, here are five essential apartment hunting tips to keep in mind.

  1. Know what you want. There are a lot of apartments out there and they come in all shapes and sizes. If you only have a loose idea of what you want, you can end up spending a lot of time looking at apartments you have no interest in moving into. Narrow your search by asking yourself what amenities you want, how many rooms, and your preferred bathroom layout and location.Apartment Hunting Tips Image
  2. Be flexible. Keep in mind that there are needs and there are wants. Just because you want a double vanity doesn’t mean it should be a deal breaker! Know what you want but keep an open mind.
  3. Anticipate your finances. The general rule of thumb is that to move into a new place, you need the first and last months’ rent and a deposit, which is often equal to one month’s rent. All in all, you need to have the equivalent of three months’ rent to move into a new apartment. In addition, you should anticipate expenses that may not be included with your monthly rent. Some of these additional expenses might include utilities, renter’s insurance (most communities require this), pet rent if you are bringing a pet and the cost of moving itself.Calculating expenses for apartment hunting image
  4. Consider your living situation. Take the time to write down what’s important to you and your living situation. Do you want to live with a roommate? Do you have a busy work schedule? Could you really benefit from convenient amenities provided in some apartment communities? Do you anticipate moving in the next year? Would a flexible lease option help? (Hint: Lewis Apartment Communities offers apartments with convenient amenities, flexible lease terms, direct access to management and much more.)
  5. Balance location with amenities. We’ve all heard the real estate mantra: location, location, location. Of course, you also want to live somewhere that feels like home, with all the features and conveniences you need.

Whether you’re looking for apartments in the Inland Empire, Reno area, Sacramento or elsewhere, Lewis Apartment Communities offers a range of communities in great locations, unparalleled customer service, and luxurious amenities.

4 Bedroom Apartments? No problem!

People looking to rent a place that’s large enough to allow everyone to live comfortably often face numerous challenges. There simply aren’t many four-bedroom apartments to rent. Lewis Apartment Communities offer multiple single-family homes and four-bedroom apartments to rent in our California communities. Learn which Lewis Apartment Communities offer 4 bedroom apartment living.