An Apartment with a Garage? Yeah, It’s kind of a Big Deal

An Apartment with a Garage? Yeah, It’s kind of a Big Deal

Some people have a lot of toys and gadgets. How can you not? It seems like every year a new, must-have gizmo comes out and you need extra room for storing those items to keep everything tidy. But eventually, the question arises: Where are you going to put all that stuff? Growing up with mom and dad they always seem to have extra space in the house, but eventually, there are limits to parental love.

Apartments with garages

Most of the time, people who search for a little (or a lot of) extra space look for apartments with a garage. Unfortunately, one of the negative aspects of the nearly perfect, sunny weather of Southern California is that garages aren’t as readily available here as they are in some of the wetter, colder, more snow-filled areas of the country. As a result, what you often get is a carport.Lewis Apartments with Garages Photo

Occasionally you do find a rental community with apartments that come with a fully enclosed garage. Some even allow you to rent out an additional garage. This is a feature we at Lewis Apartment Communities offer at several of our communities.

But while we pride ourselves in providing our residents with amenities such as one- or two-car garages, we have a habit of trying to outdo ourselves. We want people to feel like they’re living in a home.

So, we decided to offer residents that unicorn of apartment communities — that rare, almost mythical amenity: a three-car garage.

We’ll be offering just that in our newest community, Santa Barbara at Chino Hills Apartments, which will open in the spring of 2018. Along with the stunning interior features and beautiful communal amenities, this luxury community will offer apartments with one-, two- and even three-car garages.

We realize not everyone needs this much space, but for those who have been searching and coming up empty-handed, we have two words: Welcome home!

Are you asking the right questions on your apartment tour?

Questions to ask on apartment tour featured imageWhile you’re on the hunt for your next apartment or home to rent, you want to go to your scheduled tour with a set of questions. Why? Appearances can be deceiving. At the very least, be sure to ask the following seven questions at every showing you go to.

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