Tech Companies Relocating to Reno: The New Spirit of Innovation

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Tech Companies Relocating to Reno: The New Spirit of Innovation

Tech companies in Reno? Yes! The tech world might still be synonymous with Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area, but like auto manufacturing moved out of Detroit in the middle of the 20th century, so too are tech companies spreading their wings and leaving their traditional home in California.

And many tech companies are relocating to Reno, Nevada.

The tech boom in Reno began as a recovery. After being hit hard by the 2008 recession and housing crisis, Reno was really in a position where the only way to go was up. The bounce back was gradual, and the big spike happened in 2014 when Tesla Inc. chose to build its Gigafactory near the city. With the prospect of 6,500 new jobs, the city was happy to give Tesla a package deal that amounts to approximately 1.3 billion dollars in tax incentives.

This was the spark that set off an explosion. Panasonic, Amazon, Google, Switch and Apple have all branched out and set up shop in Reno.

And it’s not just the tech giants who are changing things. Tech startups have begun to make their way from California to Reno, bringing with them the spirit of innovation and vision that made Silicon Valley so legendary.

Tech companies in Reno make it an even better place to live

A key factor in this boom is, as we have mentioned, the business conditions. With lower taxes, a more manageable cost of living when compared to other major tech centers and a university providing the needed brains to power the industry, Reno has all the ingredients to foster a great tech sector.

It also happens to be a beautiful place to live, with fantastic weather and great skiing. And let’s be honest, Lake Tahoe might be the most scenic lake in the country. These elements are important because when you want to attract the biggest companies and the best minds, you want to attract them with more than just a paycheck or career move. You want to entice them with a beautiful setting as well.

Beyond just adding jobs and giving the economy a boost, tech companies’ relocation to Reno means that new restaurants, craft breweries, boutiques and other desirable features found in the hottest urban areas throughout the country have followed. Old buildings are being repurposed, neighborhoods revitalized and a new wave of energy can be felt throughout the city.

Of course, as with any kind of boom, whether it’s for gold or tech, the question of housing inevitably arises. To accommodate this growth, Lewis Apartment Communities has built two new communities in the heart of South Reno, Latitude 39 and Harvest at Damonte Ranch, offering modern luxury in this modern city.

Lewis Apartments in South Reno Nevada

Latitude 39 Apartments in South Reno will be home to one of the fastest growing technologically innovative cities. Apartment living in South Reno grants you the choice to immerse yourself in nature’s adventures while maintaining a healthy balance of choosing to unplug or be connected.

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