The Lewis Advantage: Why Residents Love Our Business Model

The Lewis Advantage: Why Residents Love Our Business Model

At Lewis Apartment Communities, we do things differently. Thanks to features like the layout of our apartments, the community space, the fitness centers or the many pet-friendly amenities, any visitor can see firsthand that we strive to create communities that go above and beyond what most would expect from a typical apartment community.

What you won’t see is one of the most unique features that Lewis Apartment Communities offers: Namely, that we are a company that builds, owns and manages our apartment communities. So what does this business model have to do with your living experience? And does it affect you, as a resident, on a day-to-day basis?

Quite a bit, actually. Though you might not directly notice them, here are just a few of the benefits that are passed on to our residents:

We cut out the middleman. In many situations, the owner of a building or a property will outsource all aspects of renting and maintaining a property to a third party. This is a convenient way of doing business for owners, but unfortunately, it means residents don’t directly interact with the actual owner. By eliminating the middleman, we at Lewis Apartment Communities are able to establish a more direct relationship with our residents. This means we can respond to concerns, take in suggestions and build a community that caters to our residents’ true needs and lifestyles.

Our residents have peace of mind. When a developer purchases a plot of land and builds a retail or residential apartment community, they often do so with the intent to sell and turn a profit. That is, they’re in it for the short term and may not be concerned with how everything will function 2,5, or even 20 years down the line. Because we at Lewis Apartment Communities design, build, manage and own our communities with the intent to keep them for the long-term, it’s in our best interest to build to the highest standards and to obsessively maintain these apartment homes. The quality is then passed on to our residents, and so is the peace of mind.

Likewise, because we don’t build with the intention to sell, residents don’t have to worry about a change in ownership and corporate management that could lead to:

  1. Dramatic rent increases
  2. A change in their relationship with the key stakeholders
  3. A change in the flexibility of moving options
  4. A drastic change in communicating with residents

We have more stake in the game. We design, manage and own these communities. The pride we have in ownership is reflected in the attention we give to maintaining our properties, responding to any resident requests, and providing exceptional out-of-the-box customer services.

While many of the great features of Lewis Apartment Communities are right in front of you, behind-the-scenes benefits like these all, contribute to the great experience so many of our residents have.


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