Redecorate Your Home With a Tax-Return Makeover!

||Redecorate Your Home With a Tax-Return Makeover!

Redecorate Your Home With a Tax-Return Makeover!

You’ve filed your taxes, got a generous return, and now you feel excited! What’ll you do with that refund? You could: pay off some school debt, take a mini-vacation, or stock up your fridge like you are preparing for the winter. Another option is to spruce up your apartment and redefine your living space! Here are some pointers, split by different price ranges if you’re on a budget, to help you get started with a tax-return makeover and decorate the house of your dreams:

Price: $200-$250

  • Buy a plant. As a matter of fact, go ahead and buy 6! With plants, you will be lightening up your living space. Plants increase productivity as well since they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, increasing our oxygen levels and keeping you from getting sick. Place plants by your door (to greet guests into your home), in the kitchen, and even in the living room for decoration!

Price: $300

  • Rugs! Add a rug, or 2. Rugs are an amazing addition to accessorize any room. Rugs help bring the room together, as well as reduce sounds to keep your downstairs neighbors from hearing each step. If you’re looking for a rug that is affordable and matches the room you’re decorating, stop by a HomeGoods, Marshalls, or  Tj-Maxx, for amazing deals and discounts on some of the prettiest rugs!

Price: $500-$600

  • Thinking of changing your wall colors? Easy! Pick a color well-suited to match your furniture. Stick to light colors, like neutrals, which are great for bringing the room to life. You can also switch out your curtains! If you’re bored at looking at your plain blinds, add some color and texture with vibrant curtains.  Another option is to build shelves for storage! Find inspiration on Pinterest!

Price: $1000

  • Is it time to update your mattress? An average person will sleep about 230,000 + hours in their lifetime being about 1/3 of our lives. With all that time, you might as well be comfortable! Buying a new mattress can also be good for your back.

Price: $2000

  • With a tax return like this, you can do some serious upgrades to your furniture! Check out websites like Wayfair, Overstock, Target, etc. for their variety of sofas, chairs, loveseats, and other selections to decorate your living area the way you want!

At Lewis Apartment Communities, our apartments are designed and well-suited for you to bring out the inner interior designer in you and decorate your apartment to your liking. Check out our website to see apartment communities nearby you, today!


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