Looking to Move? It Might Cost More Than You Expect.

Looking to Move? It Might Cost More Than You Expect.

At Lewis Apartment Communities, we know there are a host of reasons why people move. Some move simply because they have a restless personality. They like to try new things, live in different locations and, in general, mix things up. That’s part of the appeal of renting, and if you rent from Lewis Apartment Communities, you probably love the flexible lease options.

We all get a little anxious to switch things up and see what else is out there. But before you decide that you want to move out, you first need to take into consideration the total cost of moving. Here are five of the biggest expenses:

  • Movers. It’s not easy to move those heavy pieces of furniture without damaging them; it’s also not cheap. According to HomeAdvisor, the national average for a local move (fewer than 100 miles), which requires one truck and two laborers, is anywhere from $80 to $100 per hour. Many services have a minimum-number-of-hours requirement as well, so if you only need them for three hours, you may still be charged for five. Estimated cost: $500.

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  • Security deposit and application fees. Many apartment managers charge a one-time application fee, in addition to a security deposit you need to pay upfront. Estimated cost: $670.
  • Pet deposit. As cute and lovable as your furry friend might be, apartment managers know they can wreak havoc on the walls and carpet. In most cases, you will be asked to put down an additional pet deposit if moving in with an animal. This can be a significant amount of money to come up with. Estimated cost: $800.

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  • Unaccounted and unexpected. In the process of moving, things break. It’s easy to lose track of important documents, and sometimes you absentmindedly throw out important things. Then once you get to your new place you might realize you really want to paint the walls, or that the utility service charges a hook-up fee. Here are some of those costs:
    • Utilities transfer — $80
    • Time off work — $300
    • Moving supplies, etc. — $200
    • Miscellaneous — $100
  • Unmeasurables. There are other factors that aren’t quite as easy to quantify. For instance, how much is your time worth? When you consider the time you put into packing and unpacking, the stress, the lost weekend spent moving, you begin to see there is a non-monetary cost to moving.

Altogether, it will probably cost you around $2,650 to move. That’s a big hit to the pocketbook.

At Lewis Apartment Communities, we know that moving is costly and as a company, are invested in retaining residents. To do this we offer renewal incentives such as:

  • Clean your carpet annually
  • A refund on half of your deposit after two years*
  • Paint your apartment after three years*
  • Replace your carpet after five years*

And of course the biggest bonus: Living in one of our world-class communities!

*Restrictions may apply

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