Workouts You Can Do in Your Apartment

Workouts You Can Do in Your Apartment

Not everyone has access to, the money for, or even the desire to go to a public gym. No matter what your reason, physical fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’ve put together a list of workouts you can do in your apartment to help get you started. Try a new one every day or simply find your favorite, turn on some music and enjoy!

Daily Burn

Try Daily Burn, where you can stream over 1,000 workouts, taught by certified trainers. Their workouts vary in length and intensity making it easy to find your perfect workout.

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Body-weight workouts

You can get a great workout using only your own body weight. Try moves like walking lunges, crunches, and push-ups to get your muscles flexing.


Turn on your favorite music playlist, and dance to 5-10 songs. It doesn’t matter how you move, just have fun and work up a good sweat.

Free Weights

Invest in a set of dumbbells appropriate for you. Choose 5 moves, (ex: squats, chest-presses, sit-ups, lunges, bicep curls) and do each move 10-15 times per set, then repeat each set 3-5 times. It may not sound like much, but you’ll work up a great sweat.


Use YouTube to search workout out videos! There are tons of how-to’s, body-building sessions, yoga, and so much more.


Speaking of yoga, try it as a full workout or as a cool down after a tough weight session. Familiarize yourself with basic yoga moves, like downward-dog, warrior, sun salutation, and tree pose. Do these moves to strengthen your joints and loosen tight muscles.


Do a little something every day and you’ll not only find yourself feeling happier but being a stronger, and healthier individual. And if you find you do want a more traditional gym workout, lucky you, all  Lewis Apartment homes come with 24-hour fitness centers. Some communities even come with specific fitness amenities like:

Check one or all of them out to find your favorite workout.

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