How to make friends at the new place

How to make friends at the new place

Being a newcomer in a new city or a new apartment can make it difficult to make friends at the new place. Hobbies, families, career demands, and chores can all create barriers when it comes to socializing. Even if you’re busy adulting, it’s still important to make time for friends — and find time to make new friends. Friendships can give an overall boost to your mental health. As the old song goes, you get by with a little help from your friends.

To break the ice, here are a few tips for laying the groundwork for new friendships.


Meet your neighbors:

Neighbors who know each other are happier and friendlier. When you move in, be bold and knock on those nearby doors to introduce yourself. Offer a handwritten card with your contact info and maybe even a goodie bag with a small homemade treat. Once you’re settled, host a little open house on the patio with cold drinks and snacks and have a little get-to-know-you session. If you are a resident at a Lewis Apartment Community then be sure to access your amazing Resident Portal where you can connect with other residents.

Housewarming Party


Spend time in communal spaces:

Community areas can create ample opportunity to meet people. Depending on the setting, you should find plenty of natural conversation starters. Ask people about their lifting technique in the fitness center or find common ground at the playground or dog park with fellow parents or dog lovers.

Friends at Dog Park


Join in:

When you see flyers posted for social events at Lewis Apartment Communities, commit yourself to showing up. Even better, call the number and offer to lend a hand — organizers are always looking for volunteers!

Group of volunteers


Pursue your passion:

When you’re new to an area, it is a perfect time to follow through on intentions and pursue those new hobbies and activities. If you check around the community, chances are you’ll find a class or group meeting that fits your interests and schedule. Social media is a great tool to track these down, but also check local parks, social clubs, community charity events, and local businesses.

Painting Class


Overall, making new friends means taking the initiative. Getting to know people takes effort. Be willing to invite people to your place, to meet for coffee or take a bike ride together. Your efforts will be rewarded with meeting great people and forming lasting relationships.

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