10 Last Minute Gift Giving Ideas

It’s 18 days until Christmas and you still have a list of people to buy gifts for, with no idea what to get them. Fret not! Take a peek at our last-minute gift giving ideas. Just don’t go peeking in the presents!


Make a homemade ornament

Homemade gifts have long been considered one of the more thoughtful options for gift giving and they also happen to be super trendy right now. Spend just a few minutes on Pinterest or Google searching for homemade ornament ideas and you will get about 1,000 results! You can make ornaments out of 3-ingredient salt dough, an old tie, a blank glass ornament, or even tree branches and ribbon. Choose one that works for you, perhaps add some glitter, and wrap it up!


Make some baked goods

If you’re a baker or maybe you just like to dabble, baking something delicious doesn’t have to be hard. Try your hand at some no bake fudge or cheesecake. Make a batch of cutout gingerbreads with sprinkles or I bet you didn’t know you could even make cookies from a box cake mix! They’re easy and taste great! Just put them in a pretty box or tie them with a ribbon and you’re good to go.

Holiday Cookies


Search the sales rack

Black Friday isn’t the only day for sales. If you keep an eye open, you’ll notice sales everywhere around the holidays. Stop into any store like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx or even Target and cruise through the sales rack. There are always last-minute mark-downs on things like games, toys, shoes, and home goods. Just make sure to get a gift receipt, just in case.


Amazon prime shipping

Have an Amazon Prime account or know someone who does? Amazon has free two-day shipping and one-day shipping if you’re running really late. Don’t have access to a Prime account? No worries, Amazon has one and two-day shipping options for you too.


Homemade simple syrup for the at-home bartender

Liquor is almost always a favorite gift. Amp yours up with some homemade drink mix-ins. Throw 2 cups of water, 2 cups of sugar, and your favorite flavor, herbs, essential oils, or candy, into a pot. Mix until the sugar has dissolved and then lightly boil until it has reduced to about half. Ta da! You have a fancy homemade simple syrup to mix into cocktails!

Holiday Gathering


Spa treatment

Give someone the gift of relaxation this year. There are hundreds of recipes on Pinterest for homemade bath salts, bath fizzies, massage oils, and foot scrubs. Grab your favorite essential oils and make something to help ease the tension of the holidays.



Everyone has that person in their life that says, “you don’t need to get me anything”. Why not make a donation in their name to a charity like Samaritan’s Purse or the Salvation Army, and help someone in need.



Gift certificate

Ever heard of “love bucks”, those cute little homemade coupons for extra snuggles and free housework? Why not make your own for a free car wash, a fabulous back rub, or “movie of your choice” night? They’re cute, easy, and can mean a lot to someone who hates to ask for things.


DIY kits

These do-it-yourself kits are all the rage right now, and often found in quaint Mason jars. Check out Pinterest to find a build-your-own-cocoa kit, cake in a jar, shake and pour pancake mix, or even make-it-yourself soap. This is the perfect option for that crafter in your life.

DIY Kits


Money in a unique way

Everyone secretly, or not so secretly, loves getting money as a gift, even if it might be considered “impersonal”. But why not spice it up and add a little of that personal touch back in by giving it in a unique way. Create a scavenger hunt with cash as the prize, or a puzzle that opens once completed, all fun and even better when your reward is some extra spending money for those after Christmas sales.


The holidays are busy for everyone and knowing what to give the ones you love can be a challenge, but with so many helpful gift-giving ideas, we’ve got you covered. So, pick your favorite, add a personal touch, and your gift recipients will never know you waited until the last minute.


From everyone at the Lewis Apartment Communities, have a beautiful holiday season and a blessed new year!

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