Valentine’s Day Ideas for Everyone

February is in full swing and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Valentine’s day can be whatever you wish it to be and these days there are tons of events for singles, couples, friends, and families to enjoy!

With that in mind, why not express your affection for everyone you like, no need to limit it to just significant others. We’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s Day ideas for everyone to enjoy. Pick one or do them all and spread the love this Valentine’s day.


Go see a movie

It doesn’t have to be a chick-flick or something mushy, any fun movie will do. Bring your bff, bring the kids, get some popcorn, and enjoy.

Have a pizza party

Make the pizza or order it, any way you slice it pizza is wonderful and having some friends over to feast on good food and hang out is fun any time of year.

Hit a singles party

These days you can find a singles-only Valentine’s party just about everywhere. Dancing, karaoke, mixers, you name it, there’s something for everyone. Search online to find one near you, grab your single friends, and go meet some new people.

Have a game night

Bring out the Monopoly, Jenga, or Cards Against Humanity, and host an evening of fun and games.

Go to a pub with friends

Get all your friends together and visit your local spot and sip your favorite beverages in the company of some good friends.

Have a date night at home

If you’re low on funds or just not that into the overblown valentine’s dinner scene, why not have dinner at home? Grab some candles, write or type out a pretty menu, and cook your own fancy meal. There are tons of recipes to be found on Pinterest or Google.

Have a baking party

Valentine’s Day usually includes some kind of sweets. Why not try your hand at baking a batch of cookies or even homemade brownies?

It’s easy to turn Valentine’s day into a fun event for everyone if you get creative. So grab your friends, your kids, your significant other, or all of the above and expand your Valentine’s day this year.

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