7 Cozy Holiday Decor Tips

Every year, when the holidays arrive, so does the desire to grab the biggest, comfiest blanket, a cup of cocoa and a Holiday movie. Adding some cozy elements to your home can really help to set the mood and making your home a cozy holiday nest is easier than you might think. With these 7 cozy holiday decor tips, you’re sure to have the same desire.


  1. Use one color pallet

By keeping your décor within one range of colors, such as white and silver, red and white or red and green, you’ll keep your rooms more visually appealing. Limiting the colors allows the eye to be drawn to individual elements rather than being bombarded with color everywhere.

  1. Add pillow and throws

One quick and easy way to add a cozy effect to any room is to switch out your usual pillows and throw blankets for holiday ones or even add a few more. Oversized and fluffy items can give the appearance of luxury and warmth.

  1. Add candles

Candles always add a beautiful glow to a room. Giving your rooms that lovely glow can lend a homey feeling and even a bit of sparkle to an otherwise dark corner.

  1. More than one tree

Holiday trees are a staple of the holiday season and often one of the most fun ways to bring a festive element to any room. Why not have more than one? Carrying that joyful spirit from room to room helps one feel holly jolly everywhere.

  1. Use lights everywhere

Lighting can set the scene for any event and the holidays are no exception. Holiday lights are a simple way to change up a living room, fireplace, hallway or even bathroom. String lights over archways, around mirrors or on the mantlepiece to add to your cozy glow.

  1. Do a little in every room

Placing some holiday elements in every room is a sure-fire way to spread the joy of the Holidays to every nook and cranny.

  1. Keep it minimal

Keeping your decoration to a minimum is key to having a cohesive look. Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, remove one accessory”. The idea being that being overdone is never a good thing. The same can be applied to your home. Put out the décor items that are a must and those that make you happy, but don’t try to put every bit of holiday décor you own out at one time.


Implement a few of these cozy holiday decor tips in your home this season to create that cozy feeling, perfect for curling up with a good book or just snuggling.

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