8 Activities to do With the Kiddos When You’re Stuck in the House

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8 Activities to do With the Kiddos When You’re Stuck in the House

Being stuck in the house can make just about anyone stir-crazy but having handy a list of things to do can help you be prepared for the dreaded “I’m booooooored!”
Oh, look…we happen to have one right here.


1. Paper Airplane Races

Woman hand holding a yellow paper airplane

You can color them, put stickers on them, and it doesn’t matter what type of paper you have; there are paper airplane tutorials everywhere online. Fold your plane of choice, line the kiddos up and launch away! Maybe offer a sweet treat to the winner.

2. Baking

Family with fresh homemade cupcakes

Recipes abound on Pinterest for treats of all kinds. Soft pretzels, sugar cookies, or even cupcakes are all great options that kids love to help with (as well as eat). So shuffle through your pantry for supplies and pick something fun to make.

3. Blanket Fort

Creating a fort requires no special supplies and it’s loads of fun! Grab a blanket or sheet, maybe a chip-clip or rubber bands for connecting things, then attach the sheet or blanket to a chair or headboard and crawl under. Make a pirate ship, dragon-guarded castle…use your imagination!

4. Play Movie Theater

Recreating the fun of going to the movies in your own home is easier than you might think. Have the kiddos decide which movie they would like to watch. Then have them create their own tickets (collect these and tear them like they’re entering a real theater). Stand behind a counter or table and take their order for snacks and drinks. Have them use play money (homemade or maybe borrowed from a game like Monopoly) to pay. Then show them to their seats and let the show begin! The novelty is endless and can be done as often as you like.

5. Crafts



There’s recently been a resurgence of crafting for children and adults alike, so finding ideas online is super simple, and I bet you have more supplies than you think: paper plates, popsicle sticks, broken crayons, soda cans, straws, TP rolls, and the list goes on. Search Pinterest or YouTube for simple crafts or design your own!

6. Scavenger Hunt

Children love scavenger hunts, especially with the promise of a prize at the end. Create a list of household items, shapes, or maybe nature items for them to find and the first to find them all wins a little something or maybe they even get to choose the next activity to do.

7. Read a Book Out Loud

African American father reading a fairy tale fable story for kids at home. Happy family lying on the floor indoors

Storytime is a classic pastime. Choose a short simple book or even a chapter book, get comfy, maybe with a cup of cocoa, and enjoy a literary adventure together.

8. Spring Cleaning

Woman volunteer is holding a donation box with old toys


This doesn’t necessarily sound like a fun one, but now could be the perfect time to go through that pile of clothes that no longer fit or outdated toys. Place them in labeled boxes or garbage bags to take to the Salvation Army. Maybe make a game of it, with a special treat at the end!

Make this extra time at home with your families a fun and memorable time by finding things to do together. There are ideas for activities everywhere and hopefully, this list helps. Stay safe and well.
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