Trick or-treating alternatives for 2020

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Trick or-treating alternatives for 2020

For most, this year has brought many changes. Changes to schedules, routines, habits, even traditions. This holiday season is likely to be no different, starting with Halloween. But whether it’s bobbing for apples, trick-or-treating, or haunted houses, hopefully with a little ingenuity you don’t have to miss out on any of your favorite seasonal activities. Read on to find your trick-or-treat alternative.


Socially distanced trick-or-treating

Little girl in witch costume playing in autumn park. Child having fun at Halloween trick or treat. Kids trick or treating. Toddler kid with jack-o-lantern. Children with candy bucket in fall forest.


Social Distancing is likely to keep many indoors this Halloween, but if you and your kiddos are going to venture out, protect yourselves by taking a few precautions. Maintain your 6-foot distance from others, trick-or-treating with only members of your own household. Help your children choose a costume that includes a mask or incorporate a mask that matches their costume. Finally, sanitize the outside of all candy packages before chowing down, and don’t forget to wash your hands after your night out.


Pumpkin carving party

Happy Halloween! Woman is carving pumpkin. Family preparing for holiday.

If your family is opting to stay in this year, try having a pumpkin carving party. Set up each participant with carving tools, candles, and pumpkins of various sizes. If you’re not comfortable with your own design skills, try searching online for carving templates. They come in every skill level, spooky, or family-friendly. Once you’re done, set them up outside by your front door or even your kitchen table and enjoy watching them glow with the lights off.


Stay at home trick-or-treating

Two 7 years old boys with their mother in halloween costumes with masks as monsters and a witch holding black and orange balloons. Dark background with shadows, spiders, spiderwebs and bats.

Who says you can’t go trick-or-treating even if you are staying home? Head to your local store to purchase several different types of candy. Then set up a station in different rooms of your home and have your kiddos visit each to trick or treat. Give out a different candy for each room to mix it up. And if you’re feeling really motivated, try decorating the door of each room to help give an authentic trick-or-treating feel.


Halloween scavenger hunt

For older children or if you’re looking to try something more elaborate, try setting up a scavenger hunt around your home or yard. Create clues that lead from one to the next and guide your children from room to room where they can find hidden candy or even spooky toys. Need some guidance creating your scavenger hunt, check out these helpful sites.

Scavenger hunt ideas


Host a Zoom Halloween party

Zoom has become one of the most popular and useful tools for stay-at-home work and school during the pandemic, but why not use it for some fun too. Invite friends and family to join you for a Halloween Zoom party. Try playing some virtual games, (Bingo, Scattegories, Pictionary, MadLibs, Virtual game idea) help your kiddos put on a festive skit, or even watch a movie together. Social distancing doesn’t need to stop any of the fun.


Tell ghost stories

Why not start a new tradition by indulging in some Halloween treats with your family while you tell some spooky ghost stories? There are tons of story prompts online or try reading from “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”.  Light some candles or just grab a flashlight to set the mood, turn on some spooky music and have fun getting creeped out.


Make a Halloween piñata

Door to door candy collecting is so 2019 (just kidding). Make your kiddos work for their sugar buzz by putting it in a piñata! You can follow a simple tutorial to make your own pinata or purchase a ready-made one. Either way, take turns getting good and dizzy to make it more challenging then go to town.


 Halloween craft night

Halloween preparation. Hands making halloween cards and decoration using craft paper.

Spooky Halloween experiments, homemade spiderwebs, bubbling potions, or even glowing green slime. You can find recipes and patterns for all sorts of great Halloween craft ideas by searching Pinterest. Then make a list of supplies and come Halloween night, have fun making a mess, and getting creative with the whole family.


Watch spooky movies

Halloween party background. Flat lay composition with popcorn, halloween decorations, 3d glasses on white table. Watching halloween horror movie at night concept.

Finally, if you’d prefer a slightly more sedate evening in, why not curl up on the couch with the family for a Halloween movie night. Pick one or push bedtime back a bit and choose several of your favorite Halloween movies, get the popcorn popping, grab the candy, and enjoy.



Need some movie ideas? Check out this list of Halloween movies from scary to family-friendly.
Whatever your plans this Halloween be sure to make it a safe one. Happy Halloween from Lewis Apartment Communities.


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