8 Ideas for a ‘Social Distancing’ Thanksgiving

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8 Ideas for a ‘Social Distancing’ Thanksgiving

A traditional Thanksgiving feast may not be on the menu this year, but there are plenty of ways to make it both safe and memorable. A ‘social distancing’ Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to create new traditions, but it may require a little extra planning. So here are a few suggestions to help you keep your distance while having a wonderful holiday.

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  1. Move Outside

Move the festivities outdoors and enjoy the crisp cool fall weather. It’s not only easier to maintain social distance when you can spread out. Space chairs 6-feet apart and add picnic blankets on each one for added warmth.

  1. Sanitizing Stations

Sanitizing stations are everywhere these days. Why not add one to your home? Have wipes, and other sanitization products available at the entrance, in the bathrooms, near the buffet, or anywhere an extra dose of germ-fighting power is necessary.

  1. Individualize Everything

Make it easy to keep to yourself by giving everyone individual servings of food. Things like mini individual pies and pre-portioned side dishes removes the need for anyone to reach in to share communal foods.

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  1. Use Disposable Where Possible

Reduce cross-contamination on shared utensils or by using disposable. Concerned about being eco-friendly? Grab some biodegradable paper or non-plastic options.  You can even get things like pre-rolled napkins if want to save some time.

  1. Give Guidance in advance

To prevent any confusion or surprises, consider sending out a schedule of events or guidelines for your guests on how to maintain social distance. This helps to set expectations, ensure that everyone comes prepared and your holiday run more smoothly.

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  1. Buffet-style Feast

Since communing in large groups is not advisable this year, try dismissing each family unit or table individually. This allows each group to serve themselves and minimize close contact with non-immediate family members.

  1. BYO

Putting Thanksgiving dinner out is a huge feat as it is. This year don’t leave all the work to one person. Have other family members bring their favorite dishes in individual-servings. Similarly, you could ask your guests to bring their own folding chairs, blankets, or even drinks to reduce points of contact.

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  1. Wear a mask

Encourage all of your guests to wear a mask when serving food, going inside for the restroom or getting seconds, and at any moments or in areas where social distance cannot be maintained.



Remember to keep your holiday get-together distanced but fun. Play non-physical games, tell stories, watch Christmas movies, and enjoy one another’s company. Have a happy Thanksgiving from Lewis Apartment Communities!

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