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Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

It’s officially spring! For many that means it’s time to clear away the cobwebs, air out the house, and give everything an extra good scrub. As appealing as a beautifully sparkling clean home is the process of getting there isn’t so much fun. We’ve compiled a list of some great spring-cleaning tips and tricks to help make the job a little easier and to hopefully help you keep your pad sparkling all year long.


Start at the Top

This is a tip straight from professional house cleaners.

When cleaning, always start at the top of a room or shelf and work your way down. Why? Gravity. The dust from the ceiling fan, top of a table or bookshelf, will always fall onto the surfaces below.

Forget this tip and I promise you’ll have to clean the lower surfaces a second time.


Use Vinegar to Disinfect Your Bathtub

Many household cleaning products (especially those used to clean the bathroom) are loaded with chemicals and other harmful ingredients.

Instead of risking exposure to these chemicals, you could opt for natural cleaning solutions.

Vinegar is a natural disinfecting and cleaning agent. To disinfect, remove soap scrum from your tub, and avoid those nasty chemicals, try using apple cider vinegar. Simply pour a cup full into your tub with some hot water and scrub away. You can also let it soak in a tub full of water to reduce the amount of scrubbing needed and soak away any hard water spots.


Switch Air Conditioner Fan on Before Dusting

When dusting or vacuuming, it can send a lot of particles into the air, which of course then lands on your freshly dusted surfaces. By turning on the air conditioner fan before and during dusting, any lingering particles will be pulled through your home’s air filter. Problem solved.


Clean Your Window Screens Without Removing Them

The simplest way to clean window screens without removing them is by using a microfiber cloth.

First, wet your screens with a damp cloth. Then, use a microfiber cloth or soft-bristle brush to scrub the screens lightly with some soapy water. Don’t push too hard, as you could damage the screen or even push it out of its frame.

If your screens are really coated in grime, you may need to take them down for a deep clean. Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing a small amount of liquid dish soap with some hot water in your tub and place the screens in one at a time for a good scrub. You can also place the screens on your driveway, scrub them, then simply rinse them by spraying them with a hose.


Clean a Gross Range Hood Filter

I think most people forget about changing or cleaning their hood filter, but did you know that a build-up of grease in the filter can not only block the airflow, affecting the performance and effectiveness of the range hood, but it can also be a fire hazard.

The average range filter should be cleaned about every 6 months. This will of course vary based on how often you cook.

To clean your filter, simply pop it out of the range hood and submerge it in a sink full of hot water and dish soap and give it a good scrub with some baking soda and a brush or steel wool.


Clean Sticky Kitchen Cabinets

If you don’t clean your kitchen cabinets regularly, over time they become covered with layers of grease and grime.

Luckily, it’s easy to remove if you have the right tools.

Mix 2 parts baking soda with 1-part dish soap and 1-part hot water. Use a microfiber cloth to apply the paste to the cabinets and rub the dirt off. Then, use a damp cloth to remove any residue. Finish with a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the surface clean.


Deep Clean Your Dishwasher

Because a dishwasher is itself a cleaning device, constantly filling with soapy water to scrub dishes, it can be easy to overlook the fact that it too should occasionally be cleaned. To extend the life of your appliance and keep it running at tip-top shape, give it a quick clean about once a month. This cleaning can be done with a soft-bristled brush and your preferred cleaning solution: a vinegar and water solution, and baking soda, or even just soap and hot water, and don’t forget about the outside of your dishwasher.


Clean Your Shower Curtains

You know that nasty soap scum or hard-water buildup you find on your shower curtain? Don’t throw away, not just yet anyway. I bet you didn’t know that both the cloth and the plastic shower curtains are machine washable! I know, your mind is blown, right? Just be sure to check the care label first before washing.


Clean Your Washing Machine Inside and Out

Did you know that dirt and soap deposits can build-up inside your washing machine? Over time, these can develop a smell and that can get transferred to your clothing. Mold could even grow, if not cleaned properly.

Your washing machine should be cleaned about every six months to help keep your machine clean and in tip-top shape.

A simple way to clean the inside of your washer is to run a full cycle with nothing in it but a cup of vinegar and extra hot water.  Or you can buy washing machine cleaner packs. Then just grab an antimicrobial dust rag to wipe down the outside of your machines, and you’re good to go.


Use Dryer Sheets to Wipe and Repel Dust

Dryer sheets are a sweet little trick to know about. They are meant to cling dust and lint within the dryer, but they actually work just as well on things like electronics screens and baseboards, plus they leave a room with the fresh laundry scent.


Vacuum Your Books

Yes, you read the correctly. If you have books, you know about the dust that settles on top and how annoying it is to try to dust them. Well, why bother with a rag and spray, just grab your vacuum and the small brush attachment and suck the dust right up. Voila!


Scrub Your Tub with an Extendable Brush


This game-changing hack seems like a no-brainer, right? But I was still crawling around inside my tub or bent over the side before I found this tip.

A much simpler and far less strenuous way to scrub your bathtub is with a tile scrubber. They come with an extendable handle that makes reaching the floor and corners of the tub, and your life, way easier.

Definitely invest in one of these lifesavers!



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