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 The Sky’s the Limit: Lewis & Drones

Bad news, Polaroid-wielding hipsters…the future of the camera has propellors, 4K lenses, and is being used right now by Lewis Group of Companies to create gorgeous, impactful media.

Say “hello” to the latest and greatest innovation in photography, videography, and data-collection: the drone!

At Lewis, we use drones like the kind pictured above for a huge variety of projects.

Aerial Photos & Video
Anyone can snap a photo of a house or apartment with their phone, but those flat, limited pics just don’t cut it for a lot of prospective tenants.

At Lewis, we take photos of our existing properties with drones, allowing the viewer to see everything; the property, landscaping, surrounding features, and more.

Best of all, the ability to move a drone in three-dimensional space means you get the BEST view of a property, every time.


Photos by Jordan Gaither of Red8Media


Drone-Based Virtual Tours
A new, but very exciting, addition to the Lewis arsenal is the drone-based virtual tour, called a “Kuula”.

Kuula tours take the best parts of the standard interior virtual tour and apply them to an entire community. Our high-tech aerial platforms use special cameras to capture a full 360° view, from the air, of part of a Lewis community. Then the pilot flies the drone to the next location, takes another 360° photograph, and so on.

Once these photos are processed, edited, and fed into a specific program, the pilot can build an interactive virtual tour of an entire community…like this one!

The benefit (aside from looking amazing) is that Lewis can embed interactive buttons into the tour, allowing viewers to learn more about the community, see amenities, and even open OTHER virtual tours of the interior of buildings!


Construction & Development Tracking
Lewis is constantly building, developing, pushing forward. That takes a lot of time, effort, strict adherence to a carefully laid-out plan…and drones.

Using drones on our construction sites allows us to oversee our teams with a birds-eye-view, make sure safety protocols are being followed, share updates and progress reports with city officials, investors, and prospective tenants, and more.

Best of all, this kind of immediate, powerful data collection keeps our workers safe and helps Lewis to grow responsibly.



Lewis has always been committed to utilizing the most modern technology available to make our operation safer, more efficient, and (hopefully) more profitable every day. The presence of drones in our workflow does all that, and more.

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