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Thank you residents for sharing your honest experiences:

My husband and I wanted to find a nice place that’s centrally located from both of our workplaces. We were impressed with the amenities and feel that it’s a very safe place to live.


We checked out Homecoming at Eastvale based on a recommendation. We loved the atmosphere- it’s clean, safe and there are so many things to do! Moving here was definitely the right choice for us.


We moved in because of the upcoming surrounding area, but we stay because of the staff and the experience of living at Homecoming at Eastvale.


We moved into Homecoming for the location, and all the amenities it has to offer. We stay because it is quiet and safe. The amenities are still a plus too!


We moved in for Homecoming’s amenities, very good reviews from people who have lived here, and its location. We stay because we and the kids love it!


Del Mar has proven to us to be a community of quality and very comfortable place to live.


I have loved this community, would recommend it in a heart beat to everyone who is looking for a great apt living experience. We are moving out of state and Del Mar has set the bar high for our future home.


There are so many things I love about living at Homecoming at Terra Vista, one of which is the calendar of events.


We were blown away by Homecoming at Terra Vista’s amenities, features, playgrounds and floorplans.

Brianne and Branndon

I love living at Homecoming at Terra Vista! Who wouldn’t want resort style living – It’s so beautiful here.


Homecoming at Eastvale is an amazing place! We have a movie theater, ridiculous!…I’m in heaven…View video.


I just love, love living here! We had a choice to move to a house but we decided to stay at Homecoming at Eastvale because of the amenities.


The staff members at Homecoming at Eastvale are friendly, the neighbors here are friendly, it’s a really enjoyable place…